FoundationAC was asked to renovate this 2,500 square foot office building built in 1923, with a specific request from the owners to replace the existing “fast-food restaurant style roof” for something more updated.

Not satisfied with simply adding a modern flat roof, the new design is a complete rework of the building, with a 1,700 square foot second floor addition, a new exterior skin, and a complete rework of the front entrance, landscaping, and parking lot.

Upon entering the structure, the occupant is greeted by a large, open, and flexible layout with kitchens, bathrooms, a shower room, private office and conference room placed strategically around the perimeter walls. Large window openings combined with high ceilings and exposed structural members and ductwork give the building’s interior a light-filled loft like character. The original stucco was replaced with painted veneer brick and the second floor addition was clad in folded-seam metal panels to accentuate the floor-to-floor level changes.

All of this occurred atop board-formed concrete elements, transforming what was once a nondescript front entrance into a stylish front porch along with a spacious rear patio ideal for small gatherings and parties. And last but certainly not least, on the second floor we added a covered terrace with stunning views of the Hollywood hills and iconic Hollywood sign.