This architecturally designed and uniquely built 2-story home, offers light and bright spaces that truly represent the soul of architecture and its ability to transform us.

The efficient layout flows easily from room to room, as does the generous natural light and air circulation. Features include an open living and dining area, family room, recreation room and three bedrooms located on the second level. The use of natural hardwood flooring creates warm and inviting interior spaces, while strategically placed windows allow a strong visual and physical continuity between the interior and exterior.

The front and rear exterior patios, along with the second floor terraces, enhance the quality of the interior rooms, while further strengthening the home’s interior and exterior environments. The exterior mass is given its form through the use of industrial cementitious panels, which highlights the simplicity of the design, and serves as point of contrast to the restored rustic brick base and reclaimed old-growth redwood plank cladding. The landscaping is 100% drought tolerant, and adds a vibrant touch of color and texture to the overall composition.