The Chance Theater project is an adaptive reuse and conversion of two contiguous 3,000 square foot manufacturing spaces into a single 6,000 square foot performance venue.

This new home for The Chance was the realization of their 10-year plan to provide a 150-seat modular theatrical space, upgraded backstage areas and dressing rooms, and vastly improved amenities for the theater patrons.

The design seeks to capture the gritty yet playful persona of the theater group, using inexpensive materials in imaginative ways to give it an urban SOHO feel despite its definitively suburban site. The ‘sunburst’ lighting plan in the main theater space is one such example, and by using standard fluorescent tube lighting, the ceiling becomes an art installation, a bright and dynamic form against the stark backdrop of the black box of the performance space.

The reimagined theater signage is light sculpture meant to differentiate the space from its surrounding neighbors featuring more standardized means of business identification. Composed of a series of stacked and staggered color-changing light bars, each bar is sized to enable standard marquee lettering, allowing for a customizable and dynamic display to alert the public of current and future performances.